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Let KeepMyAccount take care of your finances – it’s easy, and secure
Invoicing is made simple and secure for any business.

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Software Designed For Your Business​


Touch point of sale, mobile, tablet, computer, you choose! KeepMyAccount is compatible with a multitude of peripherals and adapts to your needs.


With very few steps, you can manage all of your users, purchases, sales, expenses, payments, inventory, and so on.


Manage your E-Commerce, hospitality and other businesses in one place! Bring your business up to date with all the features you need.

Reports & Statistics​

Real-time access to all your business’s data. Analyzing and improving is one of the foundations of a profitable business.

Increase Your Revenue and Boost Your Customer Experience

Minimize time on devices and maximize time with guests.

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Run our POS on any hardware or OS to lower the cost of changing systems.

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Secure your data with centralized security management and protection

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Update and tweak the system based on what employees find most productive.

Access anytime

Take your business with you and know what's going on wherever you are.

Invoice generation, inventory tracking, attendance check-in, expense tracking, shipment, and delivery tracking, as well as day-to-day follow-up, are all capabilities of the KeepMyAccount App.   

Instant Inventory Check

Track inventory quickly regarding manufacturing data, batch number, batch, and slot number. Along with tracking a large volume of inventory data, you can also set alerts of the inventory update and ensure that no single item is misplaced.

Collect Payments Faster

Fast invoicing and easy payment are the benefits of an Accounting feature. Collect payments quickly from your customers

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What is our specialty

Over 250+ updates have been completed, and we are still adding new features every month. So our software is very good, not only is it user friendly, but already 5000+ more business people are using it.

Manage User Roles & Permissions​

You can add employees as users and assign specific roles to each one, in which each role has distinctive privileges.​

File Attachments​

Attach photographs of bonds, remittances and other attachments relating to sales invoices, purchase invoices, customers, suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, and manual entries.​

Activities Log​

Track and monitor the details of the latest activities and adjustments done by users of the facility through the activities log-in the KeepMyAccount dashboard.​

Email Messages​

You may send an invoice or quotation to the customer immediately upon purchase, as well as send orders to suppliers. The transmission of memos to customers can be scheduled before the payment is due.

Cost Centers​

Track and compare project profitability, product sales, or commissioning sales with this feature. That will help you make better decisions and improve profitability.

Group Discussion

Easily manage your payments. Depending on the amount, you can pay your bill in full or in part using separate receipts or payment vouchers. Select the type of account for which you have been charged or paid, and you can also add detailed bank accounts.

Manage Multiple Outlets Easily

Centralize management tasks and the cloud experience so your staff can focus their attention on guests.

Why Choose Us

Which sectors can use this

Construction Sector

KeepMyAccount grants you to add and edit reports automatically using any device, anytime, and anywhere, you can also track your expenses, revenues, project authorities, or status (public or private), and your clients’ advance payments.

Rentals Sector

Tailor your renting services such as renting cars or electronics, you can also add custom fields to specify the lessors or the date of renting and returning items.

Retail Sector​

You can integrate your store with KeepMyAccount, sell your items separately or in groups, also you can add custom fields for every seller and delegate.

Legal Sector

Create and edit detailed legal invoices for every client, such as creating invoices for consultations and pleadings and integrating every case with its lawyer using the custom fields property.

Service Sector

Choose the services you need for your project or company using KeepMyAccount, you can also integrate with different types of clients and add costs and benefits for every project.

Tech Sector

Select your product’s type, such as services, repair, or recipe, and integrate it into the sales invoices, you can also determine the profits of each project separately.

Our Features

Think about the businesses that support yours – vendors, suppliers, contractors. Imagine an easier and more flexible way to pay them. That’s KeepMyAccount.

Cloud Compatibility
Cloud Compatibility

Are you using another software and you want to change? Get in touch with our customer support team.

Security Certified
Security Certified

We give top priority to online security and ensure that all your transactions and data is safe.

On Time Delivery
Instant Activation

Keepmyaccount offers instant activation at sign-up, so users can gain immediate access to their accounts

Fast Downloading
Auto Updates

Our application will automatically update to the latest version and new features

Free Services for KeepMyAccount Customers

Sign up and try our free services
Customer Support 24/7

Contact our customer support team 24/ 7 to answer all your inquiries, whether through live chats within our platform or by all provided communication channels.

Easy Integration

Easy steps and various ways to transfer your products and inventory data from any platform into KeepMyAccount platform.

Free Updates

To meet retailers’ needs, KeepMyAccount launches free periodic updates during every month.

Help Center

KeepMyAccount provides a Help Center including all features details such as: how to use tips and benefits explanations.

What distinguishes KeepMyAccount Program?

The most important features of KeepMyAccount ERP

Access Anywhere!

Check your business data from anywhere, anytime. See live updates in realtime

No Installation

No software to install, No hardware dependency. Just open browser & start using.

User access limit

Powerful user Role & Permission management to limit employees access to business data

Stock Management

Manage stocks with from multiple locations, stock expiry, lot number, stock history & much more.

Service Management

Manage & easily invoice for services. Also dedicated repair service management features to schedule & deliver services on time

HR Management

With HR management easily track daily attendance, shift management, leaves, payroll, Holidays, Departments, & Designations

Value added tax

All our programs are accredited by the bodies and institutions authorized to provide value-added tax. It covers all your transactions such as purchases, sales, expenses and revenues

MultiBranche & Warehouse

You can monitor all your business from one place wherever you are on a computer. cell phone . Tablet in one place effortlessly & real-time.


Our programs inbuilt with lot of report to help business owners analyze every revenue, inventory, payments & more. In addition, you can design all the reports you want and make statistics about your data without referring to the company.

Customer Management

CRM module help you to track leads lifecycle, followup with leads, sources, followup, launch campaigns, proposals and lot more

Simplified Interface

Simple to use interface to get work done in few clicks. Save your time & make it easy for staffs to use.

Project Management

Project Management system helps businesses ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget with progress tracking and resource management tools.

Continuous updates

The KeepMyAccount software is continuously updated, making it suitable for all business types; if you have any suggestions, we will add an update in the future.

Data protection

All our programs are highly protected. Make you more reassured about your data. You can specify detailed permissions for each employee. within the scope of his assigned work

Chat / Remote Support

In case you need any assistance, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without holidays

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Do you want to become a sales agent for KeepMyAccount?

Whenever you have new ideas to open new markets and develop sales, we will be happy to hear them.

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