Expand your business with our Re-seller plan

Software re-sellers, technology companies, and anyone with experience in software sales and support should take note!

The only way to achieve success in reselling software is through marketing. As important as your marketing skills are, you must also be able to sell good software so that your efforts are justified. Customer acquisition is impossible without it.

It’s for this reason that we recommend you resell our products because we’re confident that our software is great! But we need your excellent sales skills.

We need you and you need us. Let’s come together – we’ll do our part!

Everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips, from marketing resources to training.

We will pay you up to 40% of the Commission that your customer pays us, and we will provide live chat support and phone support, all you need to do is visit the customer site and provide training.

Thank you for your interest in Our Services. Please fill the form below so that we can get back to you asap. You can also call us at +91-8301055902, email us at [email protected]

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