Adding expenses for an employee or customer, or supplier

Adding expenses for an employee or customer, or supplier

KeepMyAccount allows you to add expenses for an employee. The expenses can be salaries, Bonuses, Perks, travel expenditures, or anything else.

– Simply create a category for the expense you’re adding. Adding relevant categories helps you to classify expenses and analyze them. ( Read More to Create Categories )

Add exp
Adding expenses for an employee or customer, or supplier 3

  1. Go to Add Expenses, fill in the details,
  2. Select Bussiness Location
  3. Select Bussiness Category ( Create Category )
  4. If have Sub Categories you can choose from them here
  5. If the Expense has any Reference number / Invoice Number you can fill here
  6. Select expense Date
  7. If the expense is for any employee you can select from here. Select the Employee Name, To view details of all expenses for an employee go to Reports –> Sales Representative Report –> Expenses and select the User. It will show the total expenses for the employee. You can also view the list of expenses from there.
  8. The expense for Contact (Customer or Supplier): To add expense for a customer or supplier select the customer/supplier name from the expense for contact dropdown.
  9. You can attach proof of the expense
  10. If the expense is applicable Tax select the tax name, once you selected this expense included the tax report as well
  11. Enter the total amount
  12. you can mention expense notes
  13. if this expense is refunded just tick this option
  14. if this expense has recurring you need to tick it here
  15. and define the recurring interval Day/Month/Year
  16. also mention the No of Repetitions, If blank infinite times
  17. type the how much amount you paid for this Expense full/Partial/Credit
  18. Select the payment account.

Exp Report
Expense Report