Business Settings

Business Settings

Business Settings allows you to set some of the common business-related information.

Business Settings 4

Here you can change:

  • Business name
  • Start Date
  • Set Default Profit margin
  • Currency
  • Timezone
  • Logo
  • Financial year: For some countries, the financial year starts in January and for some, it starts in April. Here you can set the appropriate option for your country.
  • Tax information
  • Product SKU prefix: Enable this feature to generate a prefix for Product SKU. Once enabled, while adding a new product the SKU field with add this prefix along with the input given or if left empty will autogenerate a value along with this prefix.
  • Default Sales discount
  • Default Sales tax
  • Business Setting > Contact > Default credit limit: The credit limit provided here will be used as the default value when creating a customer or supplier
  • Business Setting > Sale > Default Sale Discount: The default discount will be used for all sales in the POS & Add sales screen.

Limit for Transaction Edit: #

In order to increase the limit for editing the transaction, set the number of days in the business settings.

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Business Settings 5

Datatable Entry Selection: #

The default number of entries in the data tables can be selected in Business Settings -> System

datatableentries 600x346 1
Business Settings 6