Features in KeepMyAccount Mobile Application

Features in KeepMyAccount Mobile Application

  1. User Login
  2. List products by location.
  3. Product price using Selling price group
  4. Add to cart, edit unit price, discount, and tax of each product
  5. Select existing customers or can add new customer
  6. Search or sell products by scanning a barcode from a mobile camera
  7. Print/share invoice
  8. Pay expenses, customer dues(if permitted)
  9. Attendance (If the Essential module is used on the web)
  10. View, print, share and edit today’s sales(if permitted)
  11. View, print, and share all sales(if permitted)
  12. View leads, customers, suppliers
  13. Add or edit follow-up (If CRM module is used on the web)
  14. View payments made with different methods
  15. View total no. of sales, total due amount, total sales amount, the total paid amount
  16. Multiple languages available


Printing: #

For printing in a thermal printer, install the RawBT app on your mobile.

Using this you can print to any printer, including Bluetooth printers as well.

Error and solution: #

Parse Error: There was a problem in parsing the package.


This error may occur because you might have turned off “Allow installation from unknown resources”.

It may be due to downloading the apps from any sources other than the Google Play Store and android does not allow you to install those apps.

Solution #

This can be solved by 3 easy steps: