Lot number

Lot number


Enabling Lot Number #

To enable lot number go to, Settings -> Business Settings -> Purchases

Check the Enable Lot number checkbox and update settings.

lot 2
Lot number 4

Adding Lot number from Purchases #

If the lot number is enabled as described above then when adding purchase stock it will display the lot number field for entering the lot number.

Lot number 5

Adding Lot number from add opening Stock: #

If lot number is enabled then when adding opening stock it displays the input field to enter the lot number.

lot open
Lot number 6

Selling products from specific Lot #

Refer to the POS selling documentation Lot number description.

Displaying product lot number in the invoice #

  1. Make sure the lot number feature is enabled as mentioned above.
  2. Go to invoice layout and enable “Show lot number”
  3. If the lot number is added when adding Purchase or Opening stock then when making sales it will display the lot number & product expiry dropdown. Select the lot number which you want to sell.  Then in the print invoice, it will show the lot number.