New Business Registration and Setup

New Business Registration and Setup

Business Account Registration #

  1. Click on the register business link on the welcome page.
  2. Registering a business involves multiple steps;  Business Details, Tax details, and Owner details.
  3. Business Details: Fill out the relevant fields; select the appropriate currency & Time zone; click on Next. Time Zone & Currency can be different for different registered businesses.
  4. Tax Details: You should fill out at least one Tax name and Tax number. Tax is like GST/VAT which varies for different countries. Fill details & click on next.
  5. Owner Details: Provide asked details. A username & Password are used to log in so make sure you remember them.
  6. The owner created during this registration will be the admin of the business. More admin can be added/edited/deleted from the user management section.
  7. Click on the register button and after successful registration, it will get redirected to the login screen. Log in with the owner username/password created.

Note: You can change any of the above details in the business settings section.

See the below Screenshot

image 1024x878 1

New Business Registration and Setup 44

After filling in the above-needed information click next

image 1 1024x851 1
Fill in the Tax Name and Tax Number Or Skip Later you can add

Fill out the administrator login information

image 2 1024x863 1
Owner information – Fill in login information

When you complete your registration, you will receive an email. After that, you can log in with your administrator account.

image 3 1024x878 1
Login Screen

Now successfully logged

image 4 1024x512 1

Business Settings #

  1. After the first login, change the settings, see the below screenshot
  2. Business Name,
  3. Start Date,
  4. Default profit percent
  5. Currency
  6. Currency Symbol Placement
  7. Time zone
  8. The financial year starts the month
  9. Stock Accounting Method
Business settings

Change Bussiness Location Information, Address, Phone, etc. #

Go to Settings – Business Location – Edit

New Business Registration and Setup 45
image 12 1024x517 1
New Business Registration and Setup 46

Tax Settings #

Enter your Tax name and Tax Number, if you are using Inline Tax, enable the inline tax tick, And create a Tax and Tax group Read More

Tax Setting

In order to avoid getting double-taxed with Inlinetax and Order Tax if you are using Order Tax Default, enable Order Tax From Sale Tax and disable Inline Tax From Tax

image 8 1024x511 1
New Business Registration and Setup 47

Add Tax Rate #

Go to Settings – Business Settings – Tax Rate

Invoice Setting #

Setting Invoice Scheme = To configure go to Settings -> Invoice settings

Invoice Layout = Go to Settings->Invoice Settings->Invoice Layout-> Add

Enable/Disable Modules #

New Business Registration and Setup 48

Subscribe to the plan #

In order to make any transaction like a purchase, sales, or adding products, you need to subscribe to a plan, so please follow the steps to subscribe if you have not already subscribed.

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