Plan Details & Renew Plan

Plan Details & Renew Plan

1. Check the Current Active Plan #

Have 2 Options for Active Plan Details See the below Screenshot

Option 1 –  If you move your mouse over the icon “!” you will be able to see the current plan name, date, and details

Option 2 –  GoTo –> Settings –> Package Subscription , you will see all the information



Package Subscription Page Explained #


Subscribe Packages

1.) GoTo –> Settings –> Package Subscription

2.) You can see the Current Active Plan and Start and Ending Date, how many days are left etc… If you have more than one subscription, you will see pending packages below. Once the current subscription ends, the following plan will automatically be activated.

3.) View all your previews plan subscription details

Here you can see the details of the plan, as well as subscribe to the plan,
Note: There may be a difference in amount and plan between these packages and KeepMyAccount Pricing Page Plans, so it is important to always choose the right plan based on your business needs.

5.) In case you need an invoice for the payment or package you see here, click here


Renew Or Subscribe to Packages #


First, you need to choose the plan as per your business needs once you Click Pay & Subscribe you will get a payment page see the below screenshot

Subscribe Plan


1.) Confirm and verify the details of the plan you intend to subscribe to

2.) As you can see multiple payment systems, you can select any and complete the payment, once the payment is complete, your payment plan will be immediately activated,

Note: Keepmyaccount Website Pricing Page offers direct instant payment system payment options

3.) This is an offline payment, like wallet transfers, bank transfers, and cash payments, which will need to be confirmed by the administrator.