Sales – Business Settings

Sales – Business Settings

Sales Item Addition Method: #

  1. It has 2 options: “Add item in a new row” & “Increase item quantity if it already exists”
  2. This option is related to the POS & Sales screen when a new product is added.
  3. Add item in new row: It will always add a product to a new row
  4. Increase item quantity if it already exists: If the product already exists in the cart it will increase its quantity else it will add it in a new row.

Amount rounding method: #

The price of the products can be taken as a whole number or as a rounded decimal value by selecting the particular roundoff method. If none is selected the value is taken as a whole number.

amount rounding 700x359 1
Sales - Business Settings 3

The sales price is the minimum selling price: #

If this option is enabled then the product cannot be sold at a price lower than the selling price set for the product.

It can be sold at a higher price but not at a lower price.

Enable Sales Order: #

This will enable the sales order feature.

Default Sale Discount: #

The default sale discount can be added to products in Business Settings -> Sale

defaultdiscount 600x353 1
Sales - Business Settings 4