Shift Management

Shift Management

There are two types of shifts that you can create for users.

Fixed shift:

  • With the fixed shift, you can create shifts with a specific starting and ending time.
  • Therefore users can clock in only at a specific time.
  • If users try to clock in or clock out at a time later or earlier than the specified time it will show an error message.

Flexible Shift:

  • With the flexible shift, you can create shifts without specific timing
  • Therefore users can clock in and clock out at any time.

Assigning shifts to users: #

The created shifts can be assigned to specific users, so when users log in they can clock in for the shifts assigned for them.

Click the assign users button for a particular shift and assign shifts for users at particular dates.


Auto clock-out option: #

By enabling this option the system will automatically end the shift for users and they can automatically clock out.


Please watch the below view demonstration for details of attendance & shift management.