Human Resource Management Software

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Human Resource Management Software covers all administrative essentials to manage employees, employees salaries, vacations, pay slips and deductions.

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Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Features​

Managing your employees made easy
Complete Employees & User Database

Add new employee records with ease and on your one click data is saved to the cloud in encrypted form to keep all your employees information safe and secure.

Attendance Management

KeepMyAccount HRM has made it easy for you to identify that how many employees are on leave, absent or on vacations so that you can manage your workflow.

Unlimited Branches

Assign branches to your employees and transferring your employees from one branch to another is now hassle free without any complexity.

Payroll System

Payroll system automates your payroll even you have unlimited number of employees. KeepMyAccount payroll system gives your business an edge over your competitors.

Vacation Calculator

Vacation calculator calculates the vacations entitled to the employees in a calendar year. Vacations can be adjusted as paid or non-paid.


Share, view, export and print your real-time data-driven reports without any time constraint to analyze your employees performance and efficiency.

Complete Data Security

You can be assured that KeepMyAccount will keep your accounts, data, and personal information secure with the best encryption algorithms available.

Access from Anywhere

KeepMyAccount gives you the freedom to access the application from anywhere, any time and from any device because KeepMyAccount is cloud based.

Everyday Backup

KeepMyAccount takes every Day backup for your data and saves it to cloud in a protected form. In case of any loss, you get your data back as it was saved a day ago.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

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Online Support, Workshops

New applications or changes aren’t easy for everyone to adapt to.

We have spent our time making our application easy to use, even though we have prepared step-by-step guides in our knowledge base that will assist customers.


The Keepmyaccount platform comes with an extensive Help Resource Center focused on answering any questions you may have — maybe even before you have them.

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