Sales Return

Sales Return

There are 2 ways of adding sales return

First way: #

Edit existing invoices for sales by going to edit the invoice and removing the product or reducing the quantity of the product. And save it. The system will automatically add the returned quantity back to stock. This is a simple & recommended way of doing it.

Second Way: #

Select All Sales, then which invoice do you need to return, then select Action->Sell Return. If the invoice has multiple items, you only want to mention the quantity of the item that the customer returned; don’t touch the rest of them.

Follow the screenshot below:

sales return 768x374 1


Imagine you need to return one Acer Aspire E15, but the item sold five and you return only one. See below how to do this
1. You sold 5 Qty
2. Customer Returned One Quantity
3. Total Return Amount
4. If you need to make any discounts, please add them here
5. You can make a discount as a percentage or as a fixed amount


After saving this, the returned quantity is now in stock, and there is one more step left – payment. To see all of your sales returns, you need to go to Sell->List Sales Return, then select the payment option and type your return amount.

sales return payment



Question: Why sell return value not decrease the payment value from the parent invoice? #

  • KeepMyAccount will adjust these values in the Profit & Loss report.
  • Regarding payment, users have to add a transaction for receiving payment from the customer and then paying them back. This way all the transactions are recorded.